Kija raťakeri škola Předlice

The history of the Afro-American struggle for equality II.

The second of a series of three lectures by the columnist and editor of A2 Matěj Metelec,
which shall take place on the site of the evacuated boarding house.

The second lecture on the struggle of Afro-Americans for freedom and equality shall focus on the period from the First World War to the heat of the battle for civil rights in the mid 1960s. We shall look at the main current of this battle, as personified by Martin Luther King jr., at the boycotts and mass events held especially in the American South. However, the lecture shall centre chiefly upon the radical movement in the North, as it formed within the environment of the Nation of Islam organisation, and we will devote special attention to one of the most important figures of the radical black movement of all time, the charismatic speaker Malcolm X.

15 June, 19:00–21:00, Klíšská 53, Ústí nad Labem
Organised by Na ulici nepůjdeme! And the Romafuturismo Library

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