About us


The library of Roma literature is a collection of books and other works published by Roma authors. The library is mainly interested in European authors, but is planning to venture into non-European countries. A section of the library deals with the emancipation of other discriminated, oppressed ethnic groups, nationalities and cultures. This inequality is not only the result of racism but is bound up with the current social and economic situation. The library is intended to be a political act rather than merely a specialist research facility into Roma culture and language. The books are a means of expression, a passionate statement from "within" rather than an airy view from "without". The library is also a platform for encountering cultural and political themes, presenting Roma authors and personalities, etc. Its main aim is to involve Roma communities in such a way that they themselves become the driving force of the ensuing debates.

Agosto Foundation, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Magistrát hl.m. Prahy, MČ Praha 2